Underbalanced Drilling Hoses

API Spec. 7K FSL 1

Rotary hoses connecting to the top drive with special lining for underbalanced air, foam or mist drilling.

Rotary and Vibrator Hoses with Swaged Coupling(1)


Internal diameter2” to 4″
Bore typefull flow, smooth bore
Liner typeH2S resistant PA
Design pressureup to 7,500 psi
Operating temperature-20° C to +82° C (-4° F to 180° F)
Max. available length60 m (200ft)
For further technical details download the datasheet

Features & Benefits

  • Used for gas, air and foam drilling
  • Further constructions are available on request
  • Not suitable for operations where the hoses are likely to be exposed to well bore effluents. For such applications, see managed pressure drilling hoses.

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